Larry Stylinson - Dirty Thoughts

It’s scary that one person can make you feel like he makes me feel, everytime I see him I get dazzled, when our eyes meet I get millions of butterflies in my stomach and when we touch eachother I get shivers down my spine.

He really is a masterpiece. He’s looks just like a painting, a beautiful, unreal painting. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine I would meet someone like him.

His beautiful voice, laughter, his smile and eyes, his hair and his fit body. Oh his body! I felt a familiar twitch in my lower abdomen. He looked so good in his striped t-shirts with braces that he always wore and his tight trousers that brought out the perfect shape off his ass. My hands were now on my torso I stroked myself on my chest and moved my hands down to the hem of my pants. I moved on to my clothed erection, I started to palm it and my breathing got heavy. After a while it wasn’t me who were palming my ever growing erection, it was Louis., “Oh fuck.. Louis” I moaned loud.

“Harry?” A voice snapped me out from my thoughts. “Where are you?” said the familiar voice. I moved my hand and put a blanket on my crotch trying to cover it the best I could. The door opened slowly, a beautiful and curious face stuck in.

“Hi Boobear!” I said with a big smile on my face. “Hello sweet cheeks” Louis replied and smiled that smile that got my knees weak, I were glad that I was lying in my bed or else I would have fallen to the floor.

Louis moved his way over to the bed and sat down next to me, he looked at me and said with a hoarse voice “What are you doing Mr.Styles?” and a little smirk played on his face. He was up to something, I knew it, but I had no idea of what it could be. I just knew that my lower regions started to twitch when he was so close to me.

“Nothing, you?” I said trying to cover my slightly shaky voice. “It doesn’t look like you do nothing” He said with a seductive smirk. “What are you talking about Lou?” He looked at my eyes and then down to my crotch. Oh shit! I thought and I feelt my cheeks turning bright red, my erection were showing through.

“Aww is little Styles embarrassed? No need to be.” he said and winked at me. “What were you thinking about?” he said and moved closer. I couldn’t get a word out so I remaind silent and stared into his beautiful blue eyes that had gotten a tad darker from the moment he walked in.

“Aren’t you going to tell me? Come on Haz.. you can tell me everything.” he said with a sexy voice.

“I don’t want to..” I finaly got my ability to speak back and he just stared into my eyes, it felt like he could see right into my soul.

He moved his face closer to mine and put his hands on both sides of me. I freezed and every muscle in my body tightened from his breathing on my face. I could feel the scent of aftershave, the scent of Louis Tomlinson so close to me and it was turning me on so badly.

“Well then.. I take that like it is about someone close to us.. you were thinking about someone special, am I right?” He was. He was completely right. “Is it someone in the band?” He asked. I knew I gave it away when I could feel my cheeks getting bright red again and a smile played on Louis lips. “Okay.. hmm.. maybe it’s Zayn? He’s really hot, I wouldn’t blame you..” he said. “No.” I anwered shortly. “Liam then?” he said and stroke his thumb on my arm. I shivered from the touch, hoping Louis didn’t notice it.

He looked at me with a seductive look and licked his lips. That was too much for me I let out a small groan and Louis got a wide smile on his lips. “Ohh I see Mr.Styles..” All of me tensed up and I could feel a pair off warm and wet lips on mine. First I got so shocked and didn’t move with his lips but it only lasted for a few seconds until my desire for the older boy took over me.

We moved along with eachother and I could feel his tongue begging for entrance that I happily approved, our tongues were batteling for dominance inside eachothers mouths.

Louis started to tugg on my shirt hem and pulled it over my head and I pulled off his in the process too. He got ontop off me and stradled over my hips. He took a firm grip around my wrists and put them over my head before he leaned down and connecting our lips again in a sensual kiss.

One off his hands started to travel down my body and stopped at the hem of my boxers, he teased me for a bit and I groaned out a cry of impatience so he took a hard hold of my clothed dick and I let out a loud moan as he did.

“You like that Styles?” he whispered in my ear. “mhmm” was the only thing that escaped from my lips.

He started to stroak my dick painfully slow at the same time as he nibbled on my earloab.

“Louis..come on, just do it!” I moaned. He shoved his hand down my boxers and took a hard grip around my swollen member. “Don’t tell me what to do Haz..” our eyes met, he stared deeply in my eyes, they were darkened with lust. I gave away a loud moan when he moved his hand up and down my shaft. “You are such a little slut Haz..” I loved this, I loved that he was dominant, it turned me on so incredbly much that I could have cummed right then and there. “You’re my slut Styles..” he said staring into my eyes.

“Oh fuck! God I want you to fuck me Louis” My lust completley took a hold of me. “Beg me to do it” He replied and sucked on my collorbone, leaving a red mark. I moaned out “Please Louis.. fuck me, hard!” He didn’t need to be told twice, he ripped my boxers off me and started to undo his pants, he dropped them to the floor and his boxers followed quickly after. I gasped at Louis size, he was huge! He noticed what i’ve picked up “You like what you see Styles? You want it inside you?” he said climbing up on the bed again. “Yes.. so badly, you have no idea for how long i’ve wanted this!” I said almost a little tearyeyed, “I think I do know Haz..” he said leaning down pecking and licking on my neck, which made me whimper.

”Now.. be a good slut and turn around” I did what I was told and turned around, Louis leaned over to the nightstand and opened the drawer, quickly he took the bottle with lube and squeezed out some on his fingers, he put the bottle beside us on the bed and started to press one finger inside me.

It felt weird, a burning sensation. He pushed his finger deeper and faster. I breathed hevily as he put one more finger inside my tight hole. “oh god Louis!” I moaned out. He started to scissor with his fingers, pressing them in and out, twisting them.

“You’re so tight Harry” He moaned out. He pulled out his fingers, much to my dissapointment but he soon pressed in something much bigger.

“Oh my god LOUIS!” I almost screamed as he put his whole length inside of me at once. “You’re such a fucking slut Haz…” He whispered in my ear. “My slut” he said licking on my sensitive spot on my neck. I moaned louder as he moved faster. “Yes Lou! Harder! Fu-u-uck” I screamed, it felt so good to have him inside of me.

I moved my hand down to my throbbig cock and started to move my hand up and down my shaft, creating a sensation that felt so good I almost started to cry. Our moans were loud, almost screams as I felt myself getting closer to the edge.

“Lou.. I-I’m g-gonna cum! FUUCK!” I screamed out my orgasm as Louis fucked me through it, my whole body tensed up and I started to shake as I squirted on my hand and the sheets.

My ass got tighter around Louis cock and he thrusted three more deep thrust until he fell over his own edge and came inside of me, screaming my name.

He fell down beside me and we both stared up in the ceiling, Louis turned his head to me and I met his eyes. “You’re a good slut Harry” he said with a smirk on his lips. I chuckled and answered “and i’m only your slut Mr.Tomlinson”

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